Thursday, May 17, 2007


Recently, a sweet, clean P-1 asked me the following question about lasik...

I would like to know something...I was told that if you get laser surgery, and your eyes worsen as you get older (after you've had the surgery) do you need to get the surgery again? or is this PERMANENT. One time. No mas!

Thanks, Gig 'Em

Now of course, I didn't have the answer. So I sent the question to the staff at Dr. Tylock's office and here's what they said...

It is not true that Lasik makes your eyes worse as you get older. Lasik reshapes your cornea so that light images are focused perfectly on your retina. If you eyes change over time, that is something that happen independent of Lasik. Some people need a stronger prescription as they get older and some people have the same prescription for 20 years. If this happens when you wear contact/glasses you get stronger lenses. If this happens when you have Lasik, you get an enhancement or touch up surgery. A touch up surgery within the first year after surgery in free, after one year there is a nominal charge set by the surgeon.

Hope that helps.

If you're considering Lasik and want more info on the procedure, the costs and Dr. Tylock himself, check out his website at or to reserve your seat at one of his Free Tuesday Night Informational Seminars give him a call at 1-800-NEW-EYES. And tell them that Tom from The Ticket sent ya.

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