Sunday, May 6, 2007


I recently got to sit down for the Tylock Free Tuesday Night Information Seminar. First, it's easy to sign-up for. Just give them a call at 1-800-NEW-EYES or you can go to their website

I arrived at Dr. Tylock's office (at 3100 N. MacArthur in Irving) where Kim, Bryan, Renata and their friendly staff made me and about 20 other folks feel right at home. Then Drs. Hayes and Wildridge told us all about the procedure and the equipment they use. It would take me an hour to write up everything they told us, so here are the highlights and what convinced me to get Lasik and to get it done by Dr. Tylock.

Dr. Tylock's is an ALL Laser Surgery Center and he has equipped it with the latest laser, computer and software technologies available. This commitment to having the latest and best technologies on-hand is what allows Dr. Tylock to offer his 20/20 or it's Free Guarantee. It also means that you'll be getting the absolutely safest and most accurate procedure available.

Using a laser also means that more patients than ever before are candidates for Lasik.
And Dr. Tylock can treat patients with more severe degrees of astigmatism and thinner corneas than earlier forms of Lasik.

You will receive all of your care from physicians who have had Lasik themselves and Dr. Tylock is the one who performs all of the procedures.

And you are not going to find a more experienced Lasik surgeon than Dr. Tylock. He's been in practice since 1986 and he helped design and build one of the first Lasik lasers. He has taught other eye doctors at UT Southwestern for over 20 years. He's been voted "The Best Lasik Surgeon in Dallas" by his peers three years in a row in "D" magazine. And he's the official Lasik surgeon of the Mavericks, Stars and Rangers. So if million-dollar athletes trust their eye sight and livelihoods to Dr. Tylock, so can I.

The way it works is everybody has an exam to ensure that they are a candidate for Lasik (and don't worry, there's NO AIR PUFF Test!). Then you make another appointment to have the actual procedure. The day after your procedure, you'll have a follow-up visit and that's basically it.

So the bottom line for me was that this laser procedure is the safest, most accurate Lasik procedure available. And with Dr. Tylock's experience, I have complete trust that he'll give me the absolute best care possible.

But please, sign up for the Free Tuesday Night Information Seminar and see for yourself. Just call them at 1-800-NEW-EYES or go to their website And tell them Tom from The Ticket sent ya!

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